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Maximise your Storage Space at Home

Shelving and Racking

Spode Storage assists you in maximising your space, propelling productivity in the workplace and leaving you with much needed peace of mind. We understand the importance of optimising your space, whether at home or in an office environment. So, are you sick and tired of that nook in your home that seems useless and random? Here are some tips to increase your home space and utilise even the most seemingly pointless of areas.

Extra storage and organisational space

Install sturdy shelves into that awkward nook. Store office supplies, books and papers in the shelving unit. This will help keep your home clean and organised while optimising the space entirely.

Make-shift study area

Keep your working materials in a wicker basket below a console in the hallway. Transform this into a working space when necessary. Something for the kids…

Unobtrusive Design

The home office that is there, but not really there… Yes, this is possible! Use a clear plastic chair and clear plastic desk in your space. This makes for an unobtrusive setting and creates aesthetic individuality.

Save Space

When it is impossible to devote an entire area of your home to your work, you can save space by using sturdy shelves as opposed to clunky desks. These armoires work wonders for a home office, saving space and keeping things clean and neat. Optimising your space and assisting in productivity.

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