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Racking Solutions

Utilising a reliable and specific racking and shelving unit is fundamental to a successful storage solution. From rack protection to narrow aisle racking systems, the Spode Storage Solutions experts guide you, providing the best advice and delivering you a bespoke superior racking solution.


The racking solutions and related products we offer include:

• Rack Protection
Protecting your racking systems from outside dangers, and enabling your racking system to withstand impact. Recommended for all warehouses.

• Mini Rack
This is a light duty racking system. Exceptionally versatile and affordable. Suitable for offices, warehouses, homes and garages.

• Push Back Racking
Push back racking is a highly effective packing system that utilises high speed access with high density storage.

• Drive in Racking
This is a revolutionary racking system. The drive through racking system is designed with easy access to the pallets. Recommended for industries with high pallet quantities.

• Pallet Racking
This is the most affordable racking solution. This selective racking system comes with the least equipment and capital costs. These systems are adjustable and come in a wide range of options.

• Mobile Racking
Mobile racking systems are designed to utilise the largest area of space. The mobile racking system has 100 percent pallet availability and can be individually controlled.

• Narrow Aisle Racking
This makes for optimum floor usage while providing high density solutions for storage.

• Double Deep/Live Storage
Double Deep Racking systems are designed to reduce the rack ratio in the aisle as well as pallet selectivity. Storage density is increased dramatically with this racking system.

• Cantilever Racking
We offer both light duty and heavy duty cantilever racking systems.


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